Alagan Dhiren Rajaram
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Also known as

Prince Charming
Warrior Angel


Born in 1657








Healing factor

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Eye color

Cobalt blue

Hair color

Silky/Glossy Black

Skin color

Dark tan


Rajaram (father) †
Deschen (mother) †
Kishan (brother)
Kelsey Hayes (wife)
Anik Kishan Rajaram (son)
Saachi (great-aunt)


Mr. Kadam


Kelsey Hayes



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Tiger's Curse

Last Appearance

Tiger's Promise

"My ultimate despair was being without you. Am I without you still? Or do you belong to me as I belong to you? Do you still love me, priyatama?"
—Ren to Kelsey Tiger's Voyage, page unknown

Alagan Dhiren Rajaram is a 300-year-old prince who was cursed to become a tiger when he was 21. Despite the fact he is over 300 years old, Ren does not age. He falls in love with Kelsey Hayes in Tiger's Curse. There is a bit of sibling rivalry between him and his brother Kishan. He and Kelsey became a couple in Tiger's Quest. He loses and then later regains all memories of his lover in Tiger's Voyage.


Before Tiger's CurseEdit

Prince Ren was the first son of King Rajaram and Queen Deschen. He was well known for his diplomacy and wisdom in battle. When he came of age, a marriage was arranged between him and the princess of a neighboring kingdom. Although Ren genuinely cared for Princess Yesubai, he didn't love her. When he came home from battle, he was captured and brought before Lokesh, Yesubai's father. Ren had been betrayed by his brother Kishan, who wanted to marry Yesubai himself. Lokesh tried to slowly kill the princes, but the ancient amulets passed down through the Rajaram family protected the two brothers transformed Kishan and Ren into Tigers. They could only be men for twenty-four minutes a day. The brothers fled. They went to Mr.Kadam's house to tell him. When Mr.Kadam understood, he brought their parents there. They were shocked when they saw the tigers and thought it was a joke. When Mr.Kadam explained, they moved to the jungle to live. When they died, Kishan retreated to the jungle and Ren stayed close to home. On one of his hunts he was captured and sold from one buyer to the next. Mr. Kadam, Ren's guardian, who had been given the Ren's amulet so that he aged very, very slowly, was unable to save him, instead moving Ren so he was safe and looked after. During this time Ren was unable to become a man, even for those few mintues. He went through the same process, moving from owner to owner, for almost 300 years, unable to change back into a man for the smallest amount of time.

Tiger's CurseEdit

Ren managed to be transported to the United States, where he became a part of a circus stationed in Oregon. There he met a girl named Kelsey Hayes, who was in charge of taking care of him for two weeks. Unlike his other experiences, he was able to change back into a man. He had been unable to do so since his capture. He calls Mr. Kadam, who comes to get him and offers Kelsey a job in transporting the tiger. Once in India, Ren is left to guide Kelsey through the jungle and reveal his true self. The prince and the girl travel through ancient ruins and mythical cities. Over the course of their adventure, Ren falls in love with Kelsey. But when the adventure is over, Kelsey leaves him to go back to the United States.

Tiger's QuestEdit

On Christmas Day, Kelsey opened her door to find Ren standing on her doorstep. The two pick up where they left off. Ren goes to college with Kelsey and moves into the house next door. But when Lokesh's men found out where they had been hiding, Ren sacrificed himself so Kelsey could escape. He was tortured by Lokesh for information on Kelsey and her whereabouts. In order to save Kelsey, Ren sacrifices all memory of his lover to Durga. When Kishan and Kelsey save Ren, he does not know who the girl is or why she is there.

Tiger's Voyage Edit

Ren still has no memory of Kelsey. It is revealed in the first few chapters that he can't stand near her without feeling in pain as a man; when he is in tiger form, he's fine. Later, he does admit to her that he feels whole when she is around. When he, Kelsey, and Kishan visit Phet, the shaman reveals that Ren was putting the veil in his mind by himself, not Lokesh, much to Kelsey's distress. Later, at the Star Festival, Ren spends the night with Kelsey. When she looks at his wishes on the tree, she notices the last one. I want to love her. Kelsey, Ren and Kishan later find out that Ren made a deal with Durga, wishing to suppress his memories of Kelsey so he does not give away information to Lokesh. Later on When they go onto the boat, Kelsey, Ren, and Kishan get a diving instructor, Wes. When they first go diving in the ocean Kelsey panicks and knocks herself out. Ren pulls her from the water and try's to give CPR, when he becomes to ill he can't . He soon pushes Kishan away when he tries to give her CPR. He realizes that he couldn't save her and therefore can't be with her. So he tells her to be with Kishan. Soon later he brings a new girl, Randi, onto the boat to make Kelsey jealous after he saw her dancing with Wes during their date at the beach party. Then Kelsey asks Kishan out. That's when Ren gets his memories, when there in the moonlight. For his memories to return, he had to witness his younger brother kissing Kelsey, believing that Kishan would do whatever it takes to take Kelsey away from Ren. He expresses his love for Kelsey while bargaining with the gold dragon. In the end, Kelsey chose to be with Kishan, which devastated Ren. After Kelsey was captured by Lokesh, Ren could still hear her voice encouraging him to find her. Her pain, her fear, became his. He was determined to reunite with her.

Tiger's DestinyEdit

After searching for Kelsey for what seemed like forever, Ren finally finds her. He works with Kishan in a staged rescue to get Kelsey back from the clutches of Lokesh. After successfully rescuing her, and seemingly sending Lokesh away with Mr. Kadam's necklace, he, Kishan, and Kelsey must now race time to find Durga's rope of fire. On the way, hearts will be broken, love ones will die, and their lives will never be the same. Kelsey, Ren, and Kishan travel back in time to slay the Demon. They break the curse and while Kishan chooses to be Damon with Durga, Ren marries Kelsey.  


"He was taller than me by a head and had a strong, well developed trim body that was clothed in loose white garments. His long-sleeved shirt was untucked and carelessly buttoned, revealing a smooth, well-built golden-brown chest. Glossy black hair was swept away from his face and curled slightly at the nape of his neck.
His eyes were what riveted me the most. They were my tiger's eyes, the same deep cobalt blue.
—Kelsey upon seeing Ren for the first time. Tiger's Curse, page 86

Ren is extremely handsome. He has beautiful golden-bronze skin, a brilliant white smile, and a strong muscular body. His silky and glossy black hair sweeps away from his face and curls very slightly at the nape of his neck. He is tall, lean, and regal, with amazingly vivid, slightly almond-shaped cobalt blue eyes. He has an aristocratic nose, full lips, sooty lashes and a square jaw. Kelsey once called him, "The most beautiful man in the world" and has referenced him to looking like a runway model. He smells like "sandalwood trees, jasmine flowers, and waterfalls,". He speaks English fluently, but has a slight honeyed accent that is more prominent when he sings.

In his tiger form, he is a large white tiger with black stripes, cobalt blue eyes, a pink nose, long lashes, and soft fur.


Ren has a knack for impressing people easily with his acumen, intelligence and personality. He has a rare combination of charm and modesty and is very sweet, charming, kind, dependable and brave. He has a good sense of humor. He is protective of the ones he loves; especially Kelsey. He has diplomatic and seductive skills, both of which he uses frequently. Kelsey calls him "dangerous" and "potent", because she can not help but kiss him back. His kiss is dangerous, thrilling, wild, and unpredictable. He loves to talk about everything with Kelsey.


Kelsey HayesEdit

Ren met Kelsey when she signed up for a temporary summer job at a circus. He started developing deep feelings for her during the series and they both fall in love with each other. They both had an adventure into Kishkinda, the monkey kingdom. Kelsey's parents died when she was a freshman, causing her to avoid close relationships. She is hesitant to open up her heart to Ren. Later they both get married.


Kishan is Ren's younger brother. They compete in almost everything and frequently fight for Kelsey's affection. Kishan has been highly jealous of Ren being first in everything. Ren was the heir to the throne, has good fighting skills, and was betrothed to Yesubai. Where Ren loves to talk to Kelsey about everything, Kishan is more quieter than his brother.

Mr. KadamEdit

Mr. Kadam has been Ren's caretaker since the day the young man was cursed. The piece of the Damon amulet he wore allowed him to age at a reduced rate, meaning that he has aged slowly in three hundred years. He sees to Ren's every need, going as far as rescuing him when he was held in an American circus.


Ren has never showed any feelings for Nilima, rather treating her like a sister. After he lost his memory he told Kishan that he regretted not having loved Nilima which outraged Kelsey.


Yesubai was Ren's fiance over 300 years ago. Ren did not love her, but was expected to marry the princess. He had hoped he would fall in love with her, just like his parents. Ren insisted on using nicknames during their courtship. He genuinely cared for her but did not have any feelings for her, as they did not know each other well. Kishan had fallen deeply in love with Yesubai, who returned his affection despite trying to put her kingdom first.

Anamika Edit

In Tiger's Destiny, Ren, Kishan and Kelsey go back into time where they land at Anamika's feet. There, Anamika starts to fall for him and reffers to him as her consort. On the outside, Ren seemed to agree to being her consort but later Ren refuses her and goes back to the present with Kelsey.


"I would like kiss you."
—Ren Tiger's Curse, page 191
"At least when the monkeys are harassing you, you don't have any time to harass me!"
—Ren Tiger's Curse, page 327
"You just go ahead and keep lining up your fan club, because I'm always going to be there to keep knocking them down."
—Ren Tiger's Voyage, page 353