Nilima Mehta
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Light brown


Mr. Kadam (grandfather) †


Kelsey Hayes



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Tiger's Curse

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Tiger's Destiny

Nilima Mehta is Mr. Kadam's great-great-great-great granddaughter. She is of Indian descent and one of Kelsey's best friends. She is one of the only grandchildren to know about the tiger curse placed upon Ren and Kishan. She is like a sister to Ren, Kishan, and Kelsey.


Tiger's CurseEdit

Nilima was first seen in Tiger's Curse as a flight attendent on Mr. Kadam's plane, the MD-11, a Flying Tiger Airlines plane. She gestures to a chair that Kelsey can sit in on the plane and introduces herself.

The next day, Nilima brings Kelsey and Mr. Kadam lunch on the plane, and then clears them up when they're finished. She then presses a button and the table folds up against a wall and into a panel.

Nilima gives Kelsey a pick of movies, and later Kelsey thanks her for the "delicious meals and wonderful service.". Mr. Kadam winks at her and also thanks her, to which Nilima tilts her head slightly.

Nilima serves them again for dinner and serves them a chocolate cake.

After Kelsey goes to Ren's home in the jungle and thanks Mr. Kadam for the blue Indian dress she recivered in her closet, Mr. Kadam tells her she had some help from Nilima. Kelsey is embarrassed and begins to say if she is Mr. Kadam's wife, but he laughs and says she's his great-great-great-great-granddaughter.

Tiger's QuestEdit

Nilima drives and escorts Kelsey to her new home. She later picks Kelsey up in a airplane back to India. Nilima helps out with Ren's amnesia and Kelsey. Nilima also gives Kelsey perfume on her birthday. Not only did Nilma help with Ren's ammnesia, he admits, since he doesn't remember Kesley, that he likes Nilma's smell better than Kelsey's peaches-and-cream smell.

Tiger's VoyageEdit

Nilima was fasting for Kelsey so she can have a love of her live and gives her a silk cloth so that she can give it to Durga as an offering. Nilima helps Mr. Kadam in working on the Deschen and helps with the staff. She gives much advice to Kelsey about the tigers.


Nilima is a very thoughtful and caring person. She looks out for Kelsey, giving her advice on fashion and love, and takes care of her when she is ill. She is Kelsey's best friend and treats Ren and Kishan like her own brothers.


Nilima is a beautiful, attractive, young Indian woman of about 25, with long raven black hair, and a curvy, gorgeous body. She has long painted fingernails and light brown skin, with brown eyes, a typical Indian woman's features. She has a slight Indian accent. To Kelsey Nilima has exotic beauty.