Sohan Kishan Rajaram
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Kissing Bandit
Don Juan


Born in 1658




Tiger of Durga


Shape shifting
Healing factor

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Eye color


Hair color


Skin color

Dark bronze


Rajaram (father) †
Deschen (mother) †
Ren (brother)
Kelsey Hayes (sister in-law)
Saachi (great-aunt) †
Anik Kishan Rajaram (nephew)
Tarak (grandfather)
Nilima (sister-in-law)
Sunil (brother-in-law)
Arundati (daughter)
Jayesh (son)


Mr. Kadam


Kelsey Hayes



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Tiger's Curse

Last Appearance

Tiger's Dream

"I could see Yesubai was a sweet girl who cared for me, but she was encouraged to seek me out. She didn't love me the same way I felt for her."
—Kishan Tiger's Quest, page 336

Sohan Kishan Rajaram is a 300-year-old Indian prince. At the age of 20 he was cursed to become a tiger. Although Kishan is over 300 years old, he does not age. He and his older brother Ren share affections for Kelsey Hayes.


Before Tiger's CurseEdit

Kishan was the second son of King Rajaram and Queen Deschen. While his brother was off fighting battles or doing his diplomatic duties away from home, his parents urged the younger prince to stay at home. He was trained in martial arts, but rarely had a chance to use his skill. There came a time when Ren was betrothed to the princess Yesubai. Kishan fell in love with Yesubai and betrayed his brother in order to be with her. Unfortunately, during a struggle between the princes and a dark wizard (Lokesh, Yesubai's father), Yesubai was killed. Kishan was overcome with grief and cursed by Lokesh to be a tiger. He and Ren stayed with their parents until their deaths. After they had passed on, Kishan retreated into the jungle.

Tiger's CurseEdit

After traveling to India, Ren takes Kelsey into a jungle to find his brother, Kishan. Little did they know Kishan had been watching them for several days. While Ren goes off to scout, Kishan appears before Kelsey in his black tiger form. Kelsey tells him to stay who he is and that he should rest and wait for Ren to return. Ren returns angered that Kishan is with his girl, the two tiger's fight. Later, Ren leaves Kelsey in Kishan's care so he could hunt. Kishan worries for his brother and takes Kelsey to go find him. Kelsey witnesses the two tiger's hunt and is appalled by the sight. She walks back to camp by herself which makes Ren mad when he finds her alone. The two pack up to leave and start heading off when Kishan catches up with them giving Kelsey his amulet to keep her safe.

Tiger's QuestEdit

When Kishan and Kelsey visit the Silvanae, and sleep in the Grove of Dreams, Kishan has a vision of Kelsey lying in a bed holding a newborn baby in her arms. She calls him Anik. Someone is in the room with her, but Kishan cannot tell who. Kishan tells Kelsey the baby looked like "us" (Kishan and Ren), foreshadowing Kelsey's destiny to bear the child of one of the two brothers. Kishan believes it's possible that the baby is his and he was meant to be Kelsey's lover. Kishan and Kelsey go into the tree of life. They pass through the four guardians, and retrieve the Divine Scarf.

Tiger's VoyageEdit

After being denied by Ren, Kelsey began to date Kishan. Their romantic relationship had just began to grow when Ren's memory returned. The two began competing for Kelsey's affections. Kelsey chose Kishan because it was unfair to deny him his happy ending. However, Ren continued pursuing Kelsey. In the End, due to unforseen factors, Kelsey and Ren get together while Kishan sacrifices his immortality for his brother. Kishan remains with the goddess Durga, also known as Anamika. Kishan gives up his life in the normal world and says goodbye to Kelsey and Ren.



"He was very handsome, but in a darker, more swarthy way then Ren. His skin was antique-bronze, and his hair was ink black, longer than Ren's and swept away from his face and slightly curled. His eyes were gold with specks of copper. In fact pirate was a good way to describe him. He looked like the kind of guy who might be found gracing the cover of a historical romance novel, playing the part of a dark lothario."
Kelsey Hayes Tiger's Curse, page 194

Kishan looks much like his brother, only with darker skin and in a more mysterious persona. He has jet-black hair, longer than Ren's that curls gently at his nape. His beautiful, vivid, pure golden eyes the color of the Arizona desert. He is heavier, brawnier, and more muscular than his brother, despite the fact that he is younger. He has strong arms and muscular abs and body. He has antique-bronze colored skin, and is considered very handsome. In his tiger form, he is a large sable-furred tiger with jet-black stripes and bright golden eyes.


Kishan is a mystery and enjoys out-shining his older brother. He is witty, sarcastic, clever, and humorous. He has a strong sense of confidence and was arrogant before he met Kelsey and fell in love with her. Kishan is a man of action, and does not bottle up his feelings though he has a powerful sense of guilt. His blalant, flirtcious comments toward Kelsey in Tiger's Curse turned into more thoughtful words in Tiger's Quest.


Kelsey HayesEdit

Kishan first met Kelsey in the jungles of India. He is cool and confident at first, but later unloads his guilt and sorrow onto her. They instantly become friends. But Kishan's kind words soon change into flirtacious advances. Kelsey ignores them, and remains as Kishan's friend. The dark tiger travels to America to protect Kelsey from Lokesh. As he and Kelsey journey through Shangri-la, Kishan confesses his romantic feelings towards her. At first Kelsey only wanted to be his friend but when Ren broke up with her after losing his memories of her, Kelsey asked Kishan out. The two began dating, and Kelsey began to develop feelings for Kishan. Even when Ren recovered his memories, Kelsey stood by Kishan. She stayed with him as she believed it was the right thing to do, however Kelsey still harbored feelings for Ren.


Ren is Kishan's older brother. It is unknown how the brothers got along before they were cursed, although it can be assumed they were on good terms. Kishan fell in love with Ren's betrothed. Desperate to marry Yesubai, he betrayed his brother by handing him over to Lokesh. He realized his mistake all too late, and the two princes were cursed. They avoided each other until Kishan decided to run off into the jungle. When the two met again 300 years later, Ren acted harshly toward his younger brother. But with Kelsey's mediating, the two brothers eventually came together and worked out their problems. Ren, however, will still become jealous when Kishan is around Kelsey.

Mr. KadamEdit

Mr. Kadam is Kishan's guardian, just as he is Ren's. Even since Kishan was cursed, Mr. Kadam looked after him as if the prince were his own son. Even when Kishan banished himself to the jungle, Mr. Kadam welcomed him back with open arms.


Although the two do not interact very often, Kishan and Nilima share a relationship similar to that of a brother and sister.


Yesubai was Kishan's first love. Although she was betrothed to Ren, Kishan was intent on marrying her. He felt he was the one who truly loved her and deserved her. But in the end, it was his attempt to have her that killed her. He felt guilty over her death for centuries. When his mind had finally cleared, Kishan began to question whether Yesubai had really loved him or had simply acted on her father's orders.


"No, you couldn't catch a limping turtle without me."
—Kishan to Ren Tiger's Curse, page 405
"I love you, Kelsey."
—Kishan Tiger's Quest, page 405
"A giant bowlful of milk with you in the middle might be a little too much for us cats to resist."
—Kishan to Kelsey Tiger's Voyage, page 32